Welcome to the Netflix of Personal Growth for Students

The Student Mentorship Academy:

An on-demand Social-Emotional Learning course for students.

The Student Mentorship Academy is designed to help students develop self-confidence, build strong habits and achieve more in life.

SMA was built by insights from 1000's of students over the past 7 years. It was created for the purpose of providing answers to students most burning questions. All of the top questions students have about life, relationships, mindset & emotional mastery have been answered- right here, within SMA.




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Feeling lazy and unmotivated.

Procrastinating on work for both school and life.

Feeling trapped by stress and anxiety.

Lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Feeling lost in life and career path.

Lack of ability to deal with challenges.


Highly motivated to get things done in school and life.

Improved ability to build and keep quality relationships.

Increased confidence and self-worth.

New skills to effectively lead self and others.

Strong habits that actually last. 

Clear goals and plan to achieve them.


Phase #1


Fundementals of how to have great energy that makes an impact.

Phase #2


Discover the keys to the 3 M's: Motivation, Momentum & Mentorship.

Phase #3


Learn how to effectively lead self and others for lasting change.

Phase #4


Build REAL confidence that translates into both school & life.

Phase #5


Core elements of building quality personal & professional relationships.

Phase #6


Achieve your goals through productivity & habit formation.

Change that lasts.


Students will learn the fundemental tools & strategies behind building confidence that lasts.

Students will learn how to easily change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. 

A deep-dive goal setting process that walks students through setting & achieving their goals.

How to bounce back from set backs, failures, challenges and keep moving forward.

Transform the way students look at Leadership and help them develop the leader within.

Coping strategies to effectively deal with stress & anxiety from school & life. 

How to judge whether something is the right decision or not. This is key.

Taking stock of the people in our life and letting go of toxic relationships

Phase #1


If we want to create an awesome life, it is going to start with ENERGY. The more we have, the more we are able to do, achieve, create & become. This phase is dedicated to the practical strategies behind unstoppable energy. 

Building an energetic mindset.

How to feel more excited every day.

How to recharge + avoid burnout.

Strategies for staying active + healthy.

Fueling our body with food that will generate energy.

How to have energy throughout the day with no slumps.

Phase #2


In phase #2, we dive in to the 3 M's of any successful student. Motivation, Mindset & Mentorship. We discuss how to consistently feel motivated and build a growth mindset by tapping into the world of mentorship. 

How to feel motivated even when you're lazy.

How to build momentum in school & in life.

Finding & building a relationship with a mentor.

Building a growth mindset + sticking to it.

How to overcome overwhelm.

Dealing with stress & anxiety in healthy ways.

Phase #3


Leadership is needed now more than ever. In this uncertain world, we need people to step up and share their voice. In this phase, we break-down how world-class leaders do what they do and how to use those same strategies to lead yourself and others. 

How to lead yourself.

Leadership strategies for creating change.

How to lead others and inspire action.

Strategies for effective decision making.

Creating a leadership action plan.

Building strong habits for leadership & influence.

Phase #4


Confidence is the #1 most important skill to develop in the world we're living in. When we have confidence, we give ourselves the ability to reach our full potential. This phase talks about the keys to feeling more confident all the time.

The science behind true confidence.

How to consistently invest in yourself.

Overcoming self-doubt & self-critisism.

How to stop comparing yourself + being authentically YOU.

The keys to self-belief.

Effective communication + public speaking fundamentals.

Phase #5


Relationships are the key to life. The only problem is we are never taught how to build them effectively. In  phase #5 we go deep into building quality relationships, the 3 types of relationships you need & how to eliminate toxic relationships. 

Social skills: Making friends & building relationships.

How to address toxic relationships.

Dealing with haters + difficult people.

Having conversations that create positive outcomes.

Building an empowering environment in school & in life.

Expanding your network: Professional relationships.

Phase #6


92% of people that set goals at the beginning of the year never end up achieving them. The reason? They don't have a system. The last phase of SMA is dedicated to helping students build the systems, habits & plan they need to THRIVE in the real world. 

How to be productive & build strong habits.

Procrastination: Why it happens how to deal with it.

Staying on track with discipline & work ethic.

Build an epic life through resilience & happiness

Goal-setting: Complete guide for achievement. 

Overcoming fear & dealing with failure.

Meet the Trainer

Juan Bendana is a renowned speaker, author, and DJ who speaks on high school & University campuses as well as conferences internationally. He speaks to 50,000+ students, educators, and parents across Canada & the United States every year.

He is the Founder of The 100 Day Playbook, a guided Journal that helps students build better habits, boost productivity, & optimize their life.

He has partnered with major organizations such as Sony Pictures and helps brands connect with students in meaningful ways.

Through his message of Engagement & Action, Juan creates an environment that makes both students and staff feel inspired, influential, and engaged. Juan gets students excited about engaging with their schools & communities.

Every year, Juan Keynotes annual conferences, orientation events, & student assemblies that bring him to over 50 cities across Canada & the United States.

Juan brings a new energy to school campus’ and conferences. His message has a lasting impact that sticks with students far beyond the speech.

He is a former snowboard instructor, sushi expert, and can recite every word of the Lion King.

This one time investment will give you UNLIMITED access to:

When you purchase SMA, you aren't just investing in a program, you are investing in the personal growth of your student/ teen. You are investing in a program that will transform who they are for the better. 

18 highly engaging videos that focus on teaching personal growth strategies designed for students.

6 weeks of professionally produced content that is educational and inspiring.

Point-form lesson recaps so you don't need to worry about taking notes.

Video for parents, teachers & caring adults so that they don't feel left out.

Unlimited access to ALL videos within the Student Mentorship Academy.

RISK FREE: 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is this program for?

STUDENTS that want to take control of their life. PARENTS that want to help their kid build practical life skills to succeed. SCHOOLS & ORGANIZATIONS looking for a engaging SEL curriculum.

Q: What's next after I sign up?

As soon as you sign up, you will gain instant access to the entire SMA library. Your student or teen can decide whether to follow the SMA roadmap OR chose their own adventure. Going in sequential order is recommended. 

Q: How long is each session?

Each video is roughly 7-10 minutes long and is specifically designed to have the highest level of engagement possible.

Q: What age range is SMA appropriate for?

This program is designed to stand as the Netflix of personal growth for students. Students in both High School and post secondary are the ideal audience for SMA.

Q: What will be different AFTER SMA?

Your student or teen will be more confident, have a clear idea of where they want to go as well as a renewed sense of purpose. They will be equipped with tools that will help them overcome challenges, manage stress & feel better about themselves.

Q: Does SMA discuss politics or religion?

NO. Politics or religion are NOT discussed within SMA. This program is exclusively about personal growth.

“He’s full of energy and he wants to convey the idea of making a change in this world. He talked about how one decision can make an impact so that’s what I’m going to do.”

Nick S, Student

“He’s an entertainer. He sold me on his idea of having the ability to make a difference. He highlighted the opportunity we all have as leaders to make an impact.”

John R, Student

"Juan's stories were awesome. I struggle daily with "I'll take action tomorrow" and "I'll do it later" as well as social anxiety. Juan's program really made an impact in my life."

Alex L, Student

"I never felt qualified to be a leader because of my own fears. Juan changed my outlook on myself and I'm excited to keep my leadership journey going stronger than it was before."

Lauren T, Student

"It made me realize how hard I am on myself and how I always compare my weakest points to everyone's best. I am starting to learn that it is great to be me and I can't make myself feel bad by comparing myself to other people." 

Mia B, Student

"For me, Juan's program really made a difference and it gave me more of an open mindset. I have even started completing smaller tasks that are standing in my way!" 

Cristina A, Student

“He’s infectious. He has a lovely magnetism about him. He was leading by example. He helps students understand that they can come out of the other end of the challenges they’re facing.”

Kat Kennedy, Teacher

“He got the students laughing, motivated and raised the energy. They had a great time while they were learning. The students had a fantastic time – it was time well spent.”

Carolyn M, Teacher

“It’s important that students feel they can make a difference, that they have opportunity & that they have a voice. Hearing that message not just from me, but from Juan was very beneficial.”

Pauline Hues, Teacher

The best investment you can make in your student or teen is in their personal growth.


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